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Orgel Foto: Rainer Sturm | pixelio.de

‘Orgel um 8’ –
free organ music

“ORGEL UM ACHT“ (Organ at eight) is the name for a regular event at beautiful „Michaelerkirche“ at Vienna’s first district. The church is known for its baroque organ. It was built in 1740 by Johann David Sieber and is a master piece of the early baroque era. On Saturdays from May to September (8 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.) friends of baroque organ music can enjoy a free concert.
During the week, too, concerts and recitals take place.
By the way, Mozart’s „Requiem“ was performed for the first time ever at „Michaelerkirche”.

From May to September –
Michaelerkriche – Wien I, Michaelerplatz


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