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Musikverein a.k.a. Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Wien

The society of friends of music (‘Gesellschaft für Musikfreunde”) was founded in 1812 by music loving people of the upper and middle class to promote musical life. Until then music had been the realm of aristocracy. The advent of the bourgeoisie resulted in a wider audience with an strong interest in music. The society’s aim was to organize concerts and promote classical and modern music of its time, an aim that has changed but little since then.

After extensive success and struggling with too little room over the years, it was relocated to a larger building close to the Karlsplatz in 1912. The building also houses a conservatory, a collection of instruments and an extensive library and its archives. 5 concert halls impress with rich and imaginative decoration and excellent acustics. The ‘Musikverein’ is also home to the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

Its up to 500 concerts per year attract music lovers from all over the world. However, the ‘Musikverein’ is popular with the locals, too. It is a Viennese institution and a vital node of the city’s social life. Ingeborg Bachmann‘s short story ‘Ihr glücklichen Augen’ illustrates this impressively.

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Musikverein, Bösendorferstraße 12, 1010 Vienna

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