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Ball Season Rund um die Burg
Christkindlmarkt – Christmas Markets Summerstage
Donauinselfest Vienna City Marathon
Film Festival am Rathausplatz Viennale – film festival
Lange Nacht der Musik Wean Hean
Life Ball Wiener Eistraum
Euro 2008 Wiener Festwochen
New Years Eve – Neujahrskonzert Wiesen Festival Summer

Viennale, Vienna’s annual film festival  

Viennale (October)

Vienna’s major film festival Viennale took place for the first time in 1960. Since then it has aimed to present international and Austrian films of high-quality and is proud of its international reputation.
Venues are spread over Vienna’s historic centre. Usually, about 200 films, documentaries and short films are broadcast and attract more than 70,000 visitors! First screenings, tributes, retrospectives and various theme-specific shows offer diverse and fascinating insights into contemporary and past achievements of movie making!

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In various cinemas all over Vienna!

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