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About Vienna - Your City Travel Guide
About Vienna - Your City Travel Guide
Kaiserpavillon, Schonbrunn Zoo, Vienna
Foto: SuRom | pixelio.de




Schönbrunn Zoo (Tiergarten Schönbrunn) is the world's oldest and only baroque zoo. The Schoenbrunn Zoo is situated in the south-eastern part of the Habsburgs' summer residence and was built in 1760.

What makes the zoo so special is the keeping of animals after their specific requirements and the simultaneous emphasis of the baroque heritage. The historical buildings are restored by experts of international reputation under the supervision of the conservation authorities and serve present-day purposes without any defeat of its fascination.

In Mai 2003 Schönbrunn zoo was greatly honored by being entrusted with the care of a pair of Chinese Great Pandas!
As a proof of the excellent care and the natural habitat many of the zoo's animals give birth. With a bit of luck you might just see an elephant baby, a young hippo or a teenage giraffe!
In summer 2007, the Vienna zoo experienced a very special baby boom: there was a newborn giraffe bull, an anteater and armadillo baby as well as a baby seal. And - what a sensation - a baby panda bear! It's the second panda baby to be born in a European zoo, ever!

Tropical Vienna: Schönbrunn zoo is proud of its tropical piece of Borneo and presents colourful orchids, mangrove woods, miniature rice plantations and even tropical storms complete with hard rain, lights, thunder and fog. Vienna's Imperial castle houses exotic butterflies in a marvellous art-deco glass house!

Schönbrunner Tiergarten Maxingstraße 13b, A-1130 Vienna