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Schönbrunn Palace Belvedere Palace
Schönbrunn Zoo Prater
Hofburg Vienna Opera House
St. Stephen's Cathedral Burgtheater (National Theater)
Spanish Riding School Anchor Clock (Ankeruhr)
Ring Boulevard Danube Tower

Donauinsel, Danube island Danube Island - River Danube  

Danube Island / Donauinsel

The Danube Island is known to most visitors to Vienna as a RECREATIONAL MECCA with countless bars, restaurants and nightclubs, a wealth of sports opportunities from rollerblading to canoeing and a beach that looks and feels so Carribbean that it's been nicknamed the "Copa Cagrana".

Few, however, know that it's also a highly sophisticated FLOOD PROTECTION SYSTEM stretching for 21 km: a second bed for the mighty river Danube was dug out in the area of the city of Vienna, throwing up a strip of land in between which is now the Danube Island. Tested for real it saved Vienna in 2002 from being as drastically flooded as many other Austrian cities.

Donauinsel - between Old and New Danube
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German in Vienna

What language do Austrians speak?
It is pure, correct German. Many experts believe that the finest, most melodious German is spoken in Austria.