About Vienna - Your City Travel Guide
About Vienna - Your City Travel Guide
About Vienna - Your City Travel Guide
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The Burgtheater (National Theatre) also known as 'Burg' or 'Haus am Ring' (House at Ring boulevard) is situated in Vienna's first district opposite of the city hall at famous Ring boulevard. In 1741 Empress Maria Theresia handed over an unused dance-parlour to a theatre-company named Sellier. In 1888, the company moved into a closeby house designed and erected by Gottfried Semper and C. von Hasenauer. Since then, this building was used as theatre house. The beautiful facade, whose white marble has recently been cleaned, is adorned with statues of famous writers like Goethe and Schiller and allegoric figures depicting love and hatred.
Inside, the Burgtheater provides a festive atmosphere for great cultural events.

The Burgtheater has obtained a world-wide reputation for brilliant dramatic art and is one of the first theaters of German-speaking Europe. Over the years, its theatrical company of more or less regular members has worked out a traditional style and speech characteristic of Burgtheater performances ('Burgtheaterstil').

While its repertoire features many international highlights as well, the Burgtheater is proud of its emphasis on Austrian playwrights: Viennese heavyweights Arthur Schnitzler, Ferdinand Raimund or Johann Nestroy are still favourites, Thomas Bernhard used the stage for his notorious scandals and renowned contemporary writers like Elfriede Jelinek and Peter Handke often stage their premiers in Vienna's Burgtheater.

The ensemble and the audience are always happy to celebrate their stars: actors as well as directors. Claus Peymann, who scandalized Vienna by reformating the 'Burg' and inviting a younger audience by adapting the style and adding contemporary plays to the repertoire, was as much hated as loved by media and audience alike.

Burgtheater Universitätsring 2, A- 1010 Vienna