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Schönbrunn Palace Prater
Schönbrunn Zoo Vienna Opera House
Hofburg Burgtheater (National Theater)
St. Stephen's Cathedral Anchor Clock (Ankeruhr)
Spanish Riding School Danube Tower
Ring Boulevard Danube Island
Belvedere Palace  

 The City   Schönbrunn Palace  
  The Palace with its surrounding buildings and the huge park is one of the most significant cultural monuments in Austria. It was generally used as the summer residence of the Habsburg rulers.  

 The City   Schönbrunn zoo  
  Schönbrunn Zoo is the world's oldest and only baroque zoo. The Schoenbrunn Zoo is situated in the south-eastern part of the Habsburgs' summer residence and was built in 1760.  

 The City   Hofburg  
  The Hofburg was orignially a medieval castle, but today only the castle chapel remembers of its medieval past. The Hofburg was extended to a magnificent residence when the Habsburg's power increased.  

 The City   St. Stephen's Cathedral  
  St. Stephen's Cathedral is situated in the city centre, and for centuries it has been the heart of Vienna. It is one of the most famous Viennese sights and was built in 1147.  

 The City   Spanish Riding School  
  The Spanish Riding School is the oldest and last Riding School in the world where classic dressage is still practised in its purest form. This Institute was founded in 1572.  

 The City   Ring Boulevard  
  The Vienna Ring Boulevard is 4 kilometres long and circles the city centre. The construction of the Ring Boulevard was initiated by Emperor Franz Joseph I in December 1857.  

 The City   Belvedere Palace  
  The two magnificient palaces on the Belvedere grounds lie in the middle of a splendid park. They were constructed for Prince Eugene of Savoy by J.L. von Hildebrandt, a famous Baroque architect.  

 The City   Prater  
  The Prater is Vienna's most popular fun fair. Here one can enjoy a great view from the giant Ferris wheel, and one can do sports and relax in the area of forest land and fields.  

 The City   Vienna Opera House (Oper)  
  The Vienna Opera House is situated in the frist district of Vienna at the southern end of the Kärntnerstrasse. August von Sicardsburg and Eduard van der Nll built the Court Opera House from 1861 to 1869.  

 The City   Burgtheater (National Theatre)  
  The Burgtheater is situated in the first district. In 1741 Empress Maria Theresia handed an unused dance-house over to the theatre-company Sellier. Since then, this building was used as a theatre.  

 The City   Anchor Clock (Ankeruhr)  
  The Anchor Clock was built between 1911 and 1917 after the plans of the painter Franz von Matsch. It is situated on the oldest square of Vienna and represents a typical Art Nouveau design.  

 The City   Danube Tower  
  If you want to enjoy a magnificent view over Vienna this is the right place to go. The Viennese affectionately call the tower "Concrete needle". It is 352 meters high and was built within 20 months!  

 The City   Danube Island  
  The Danube Island is enclosed by the River Danube and by the New Danube. It is 21 km long and up to 250 m wide and in June it houses the famous Donauinselfest, a big outdoor event.  

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