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The Sound of Music – The Trapp Family

In 1965 the 20th Century Fox released a musical film written by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein, directed by Robert Wise which ought to become a promotional tourism film for Austria, The Sound Of Music. It was original shot in the Austrian Alps of Salzburg and the amazing landscape portrayed in this movie is still a trip worth to many people from around the world. The musical is the true story of the Austrian family "von Trapp", who became famous as a singing family, touring through the States in the 1940s.
Baron Georg von Trapp was a highly decorated World War I veteran and a widower with 7 children, living in Salzburg. Because of an unfortunate financial crisis, Maria, a nun who was a governess to his children and became his wife late, arrange concerts with the children singing, making a family hobby to an profession. In 1938 when Austria was affiliated by Hitler Germany, the von Trapps decided to flee. Packed with only their Rucksacks they left all their fortune and belongings behind them and went to the United States. Starting there with no money and without being known, they soon managed to reach national popularity. The Trapp family was touring until 1956.


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