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Daytrips from Vienna: Salzburg


Located between the two mountains Kapuzinerberg and Mönchsberg and the River Salzach Salzburg is a picturesque city with small alleys, quaint colorful town homes, rich castles and palaces, neat gardens and a high density of churches and monasteries.

The Fortress of Hohensalzburg, a 900 year old military fortifications, is considered to be the best-preserved Medieval Fortress throughout Europe.

St. Sebastian is the city's most impressive church, built in the Gothic style, with a well-tended cemetery. The city of Salzburg lays proof of the wealth and power of the Archbishop and the Catholic Church and is a home to approximately 150.000 inhabitants today.

Salzburg is also a city of music. It was the home and birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the memorial on the Mozart place is honouring the city's famous son.

Today Salzburg is known for its annual Festival (Salzburger Festspiele), which offers a variety of operas, concerts and theatre plays, ranging from classical to contemporary styles. The city is also a very popular place to get a decent musical or theatrical education attracting a good number of international students every year.

By train you can reach Salzburg within 3 hours.