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Lake Neusiedl

Lake Neusiedl is situated in the boarder region to Hungary. The largest steppe lake of Europe is a unique ecosystem with an up to 5 km reeds belt and an average water depth of about 1 m. If you want to you can walk through lake Neusiedl, although I would recommend other pastimes: Lake Neusiedl is a famous spot for wind surfing and sailing. Struggling with a pedalo and rowing are popular activities, too. And of course, you can always go swimming.

Lake Neusiedl is a protected wildlife sanctury with an immense population of birds – up to 300 different species live at, in or close to the lake. Its water gets clearer once you get away from the shore and is of drinking quality.

The town of Rust is famous for its storks. Mörbisch is in the vincinity of the Hungarian boarder with white-washed houses and an abundance of flowers. It is the location of famous ‘Seefestspiele Mörbisch’ where operettas by Lehar and Johann Strauss, jr. are performed.

You can reach Lake Neusiedl by public transport and train.

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