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Hermesvilla and zoological garden Lainz  

Hermesvilla & Zoological garden Lainz

Let’s go for a walk! Vienna woods are the lungs of Vienna; the zoological garden Lainz is an exceptionally pretty part of this green belt. Beeches and ancient oaks, some of them more than 400 years old, and a considerable livestock of wild boar and deer make for a perfect change of setting.
Hermesvilla, situated in the middle of former Imperial hunting grounds, was a present to Empress Sisi. Architect Karl von Hasenauer, many of whose buildings can be admired at Ring Boulevard, managed to build a breath-taking country residence for the Imperial couple. Today, Hermesvilla is a museum. In the first floor, there is a brand new exhibition, which allows for deep insights into the life of Emperor Franz Joseph and his wife Elisabeth. An opportunity not to be missed!

You can reach Krems in an 1 hour by train, Melk and Dürnstein in 1 1/2 hours.



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What language do Austrians speak?
It is pure, correct German. Many experts believe that the finest, most melodious German is spoken in Austria.