About Vienna - Your City Travel Guide
About Vienna - Your City Travel Guide
About Vienna - Your City Travel Guide

Living in Vienna

Accommodation in Vienna

As a student and as an employee finding a place to live in Vienna or Austria is going to be one of your main tasks. Austrian Universities or companies may support you, but in the end it depends on you. Housing can be especially hard to find in Austria’s larger cities such as Vienna, Salzburg and Linz.

In the bigger cities, the general trend is that people live in apartments, houses are available further out in the suburbs. Obviously there is a lot of information available on the web to guide you.

Local newspapers usually have a section on housing, shared flats, etc. Local student unions are also very helpful.
Check university and Local area notice boards – they often offer places to rent for reasonable prices!

Short-time accommodation

If you have failed to find anything suitable before you arrive, then check out our Hotels and apartments page for some temporary Vienna accommodation options.

Several apartments and hotels offer long-term options to facilitate your search for the perfect place to stay. You may get discounts if you stay longer than 7 nights and even more if you stay for one month (see one example here).