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Working in Austria

How to find a student job in Austria
Finding a part time job is generally not difficult as Austrian university system is based on a flexible schedule. As a student you do not even need a work permit. However, the amount of money you are allowed to earn is strictly limited. If you earn more you will be treated as working full time and are subject to taxes and more expensive social security deductions. Ask your employer: they know.

Universities often help with organising appropriate internships (i.e. magazine internships for media studies), esp. during summer vacation.
Vacancies are promoted on newspaper websites, via student unions or directly via university. Many corporate websites feature a job section, too.
Note: Some language schools offer a combination of language course and internship!

Working fulltime
EU nationals, people from Liechtenstein and Switzerland have the same status as Austrians and need not worry about formalities like residence and work permit. However, like Austrians you need to register with the local police upon arrival.
If you come from a country outside EU it is best to contact a local embassy.
It might be a good idea to apply for a job from your home country as your future company will probably assist you in organising your stay.

Again, job vacancies are published in daily newspapers, usually the weekend edition has a special job section. There are quite a few online career portals.

Check corporate websites!

How to apply for a job
Do you need help with writing your resume, CV or application letter? Here is an interesting guide to job hunting in Austria!


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