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Quality of Life in Austria

Quality of life is generally very high in Austria. A thriving economy, a stable political system, Austria’s beautiful country (not only the Austrian Alps bewitch with their majestic beauty) and cultural diversity all contribute to a high-quality lifestyle for locals and tourists alike.

Austria’s capital Vienna ranks as one of the most attractive cities world wide. The subjective feeling of well-being of locals and tourists has been repeatedly attested by leading international studies and city rankings.

Vienna – 2nd place in international quality of life survey

The aim of international city rankings is to provide objective, consistent and comprehensive data of comparison.
Subjective expectation, of course, vary but certain attributes are objectively relevant: political stability, personal safety and freedom, medical and health considerations, educational situation, public services and transports, recreational options, availability of consumer goods, housing and environmental situation.

Internationally acclaimed ranking by Mercer’s overall quality of life survey 2002 evaluates 250 cities world wide.
Vienna (Austria) and Vancouver (Canada) share the second place, Zurich (Switzerland) scores hightest.
Within EU capital city rankings Vienna (Austria) is unchallenged first.

There are many reasons why Vienna comes off so well by objective and subjective evaluations. Therefore, the following list is not exhaustive.

  • Vienna – city of culture: numerous activities on the area of theatre, music, art exhibitions, public readings, museums, opera and operetta cater for all tastes!

  • Imperial Vienna: Imperial buildings like Hofburg, Schönbrunn Palace, Belvedere Palace, splendour buildings at the Ring Boulevard, medieval narrow streets and baroque squares shape the city’s face

  • Safe city with an excellent public transport network of underground trains, trams and buses

  • Well-organised public services, clean environment and excellent traffic solutions

  • Educational facilities are sufficient and open to all

  • Good price level: excellent value for money

  • Moderate and mild climate. Average summer temperatures 20°C to 30°C, average winter tempera-tures around 0°C.


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