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Getting around in Austria

Austrians are known to be a car-loving nation. Hence, Austria boasts an excellent network of streets. However, almost all bigger cities suffer from a severe parking problem. Space is scarce and expensive. One way streets and traffic jams often take enjoyment out of the ride.

Public transport is excellent. Austria's rail network is comfortable, reliable and fast. The website offers loads of information on time tables, services and discounts. If you can take the train don't bother using public busses.

Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Graz and Klagenfurt and - obviously - Vienna all sport their own airport. Austrian Airlines, Austria's very own airline, approaches them all and interconnects Austria and many international destinies.

All major cities feature impressive public transport systems. Tube, tram and busses assure reliable transportation. During the night, there often exists a network of night busses, a cheap alternative to taking a taxi.

Many of Austria's cities encourage cyclists with designated bicycle lanes. Also, there are many beautifully tended cycling routes throughout the country.


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