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Cost of Living

As well as being in the middle of Europe, Vienna is also in the middle in terms of prices.
Since joining the European Union, basic food costs have come into line with those in the rest of the European Union. Products available in the Austria federal capital originate from all over Europe.

Vienna is not a particularly cheap tourist destination in European terms, but visitors find it a great place to shop. Food and drink comes in all price categories.
There are numerous inexpensive pubs serving good local and international dishes. Main meals cost an average of between EUR 5-7. Beverages cost between EUR 1-3. Naturally, you will also find upmarket restaurants in higher price brackets (particularly in the inner city). Here you have to budget for between EUR 11-18 for a main meal. A good bottle of wine costs EUR 10 upwards.

It goes without saying that food and drink is cheaper at the supermarket: a litre of wine costs as little as EUR 2.50, a can of beer from EUR 0.50, 1 kg of bread approx. EUR 2 and a frozen pizza an average of EUR 2.50. Websites of some Austrian supermarket chains: :: :: :: ::

Cultural events, sports centres as well as public transport and even some stores offer students discounts.
Many language schools, too, have special deals with local enterprises – it is always worth to ask.


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Austrian Recipes
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