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Communication & Media in Austria

International phone calls are cheaper if you use private phone companies. You can either use one of the many international call centres or prepaid cards. Costs vary strongly, it pays to do some comparison shopping.
In emergencies dial 133 for police, 122 for fire squad or 144 for medical care. The call is for free, but abuse is expensive.

Access to internet
In Austria, internet access is often possible via university or school. If not, all major cities feature numerous internet cafes. Some pubs and coffee shops offer internet access as well.

Austrian newspapers
Major national papers include ‘Der Standard’, ‘Salzburger Nachrichten’ and ‘Die Presse’ covering politics, arts, economics and sports from liberal to conservative viewpoints. ‘Die Kronenzeitung’ is powerful and popular. ‘Krone’ is running a private radiostation, too. ‘Der Kurier’ covers a broad spectre.
‘Nachrichten’ have a national part but are especially liked for their in-depth coverage of regional events varying from federal province to federal province. ‘Kleine Zeitung’ (Styria), ‘Tiroler Tageszeitung’ and ‘Wiener Zeitung’ are some more regional newspapers.

Many Austrian coffee shops offer a large selection of (international) newspapers for customers to browse.
Some kiosks, esp. at train stations, offer a wide range of international newspapers as well.

Austrian magazines
‘Profil’, ‘Format’, ‘News’ and ‘trend’ are weekly high-gloss magazines covering politics, sports and culture alike.
There are quite som special interest magazines. However, many of them are important from Germany. Just Browse!

For those visiting Vienna ‘Der Falter’ is a vital tool. Appearing on a weekly basis it features an virtually complete guide to what’s on in Vienna with interesting articles on politics, arts and culture. It’s event database is accessible via internet, too!

Austrian TV & radio
ORF is the traditional public broadcasting organisation featuring two channels (ORF 1 and ORF 2). ATV and TW1 are upstarting commercial broadcasting outfits.
Commercial German channels like Sat1, 3 Sat and RTL or Arte with its focus on high-quality films, arts, lifestyle and documentations are popular as well.
Cable is widespread in Austria’s households.

There are 4 public radio stations: OE1 focuses on high-quality infos, arts and classical music, OE2 features local news and folkloristic and popular music, OE3 offers the usual blend of best hits and entertainment and FM4 caters for young people with an interest in indipendet scenes from rock to hiphop.
Lately, liberalization in media law has opened the market to various private stations from almost pirate status to commercial outfits. Most radio stations feature live streaming services so you can tune in from abroad as well!

Radio Austria International (ROI) is a short-wave radio station which presents Austria related news in various languages all over the globe.


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