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Which German is spoken in Austria?

The language spoken in Austria is German. It is a correct and pure form of German that is melodious and pleasant to the ear.
The German as used in Austria strongly resembles the German as used in Southern Germany. The differences are often exaggerated and are considerably less than the linguistic divergence of Germany's North. (See map)

Map of German varieties

Deutsche Varietäten, Dialekte, Hochdeutsch, Benrath Linie

Low German (Northern Germany): This region did not take part in the second sound shift. It strongly derivates from the German as used below the Benrath line (marked red)!
Middle German (Central Germany) and High German (Southern Germany, Bavaria and Austria) strongly resemble each other and have been the foundation of standard German. Switzerland's vernacular is Swiss German (Switzertütsch) and derivates strongly from standard German.

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