About Vienna - Your City Travel Guide
About Vienna - Your City Travel Guide
About Vienna - Your City Travel Guide

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Fast facts

Flag of Vienna Status: Capital city and
federal province of Austria
Area: 415 sq km
Population: 1,660,000
Boroughs: 23
Language: German
Currency: EUR
Religion: Roman Catholic Climate: moderate, continental
Time zone: +1 GMT
Member of EU: Yes
Telephone Area Code: +43-1


Vienna is situated in the North-East of Austria and lies on the banks of the majestic Danube river. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Wachau region, the Vienna woods (‘Wiener Wald‘) and with numerous green expanses and parks Vienna is an exceptionally agreeable city.


As a result of Vienna being the capital of Austria and totally in keeping with the international traditions of the Habsburg empire its population is highly diverse. Even though birthrates are not particularly high, the Viennese population is continually growing due to an influx from both inside and outside of Austria. While Austria as a whole reports an average 73% of its population as Roman Catholics, this percentage drops to 50% in Vienna. This is partly due to immigration, but mostly due to the secular nature that generally characterizes urban centres. Currently, approximately 20% of Austria’s population live in Vienna.

‘Wiener Schmäh’ – Viennese charm

The Viennese gift of the gab is proverbial. It consists of an odd mixture of charm, flattery, puns and open rudeness which is highly refeshing. Tune in to local dialects when you stroll through Vienna – it is worth it!
For those who don’t already know: The language spoken in Austria is pure and correct German.

Weather & Climate

The Danube Valley and Vienna Basin are rather dry and influenced by the weather of continental Europe. Cold winds from Eastern Europe and Russia can lower winter temperatures signifcantly, whereas summer is generally hot and dry.
A sunny autumn day with its coloured leaves can be spectacular. However, Upper and lower Austria can also be rather foggy.

Best time to visit

With a busy cultural calender and numerous sights Vienna is a year-round destination. Some institutions like the Vienna Boys’ Choir, Spanish Riding School and some theater houses take a summer break but summer specific events like open air cinemas and festivals compensate for this.