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 Fast Facts and Travel Links

Flag of Vienna, Vienna City Map

We have compiled some fast facts about Vienna. Travel facts, Vienna travel links, Vienna tourist information and asorted tidbits on Vienna, Austria’s capital.

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 Book sight seeing tours, events and hotels online

Flag of Vienna, Vienna City Map

You can plan your stay in Vienna and book the cultural event of your choice online. You can also buy travel books, books on Viennese art, literature and much more online.


 Vienna Sights and Sightseeingtours

Vienna Sightseeing: Schönbrunn Palace

Tourist information on St. Stephan’s cathedral, Schönbrunn, Vienna State Opera, numerous art deco jewels and other famous Viennese. A guide to Vienna’s museums and a Vienna city map.

Travel Tips

 Vienna Best Addresses

Map of Vienna, best addresses

Best addresses for going shopping, restaurants and coffeeshops, as well as bars, nightlife, theatres and sports and leisure facilities in Vienna!


 Music, Events, Literature, Art and History

Music in Vienna

Vienna is a city with a long cultural tradition. Find out about Viennese literature, famous Austrian painters, the local film scene, architecture and the history of a fascinating city.


 Viennese cuisine and traditional dishes

Viennese cuisine, famous dishes, recipes

Tafelspitz, Wiener Schnitzel, Apfelstrudel,… Vienna boasts one of the world’s most famous culinary traditions. Browse the recipes to typical Viennese dishes!

Learn German

 Short Guide to German language

Learn German, German language

The language spoken in Vienna is German. It is a correct and pure form of German that is melodious and pleasant to the ear. Find out about learning German in Vienna.

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