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Christmas market in Klagenfurt
Klagenfurt’s pictoresque Christmas market

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According to legend, the area was haunted by a special kind of dragon, a ‘lindwurm’. Brave man killed it – and Klagenfurt was founded.

Klagenfurt is Carinthia’s capital. Main sights are a huge statue of the ‘lindwurm’ at the centre of ‘Neuer Platz’, Klagenfurt’s major square which also houses its city hall.
‘Landhaus’ is the seat of the Carinthian parliament and features an impressive hall adorned with ancient coats of arms.

Klagenfurt cathedral is a spectacular building and was redecorated according to baroque style. More simple, but baroque none-the-less is the city’s parish church with a tower as highly visible landmark.

‘Minimundus’, too, is a major attraction: a collection of famous buildings from all over the world (Eiffel tower, Taj Mahal, St. Peter’s cathedral,..) have been rebuilt on a much smaller scale.

Lake ‘Wörthersee’ and city are interconnected by an artificial rivulet: ‘Lendkanal’.

Close by are Romanesque Gurk cathedral, impressive Hochosterwitz fortress and an astonishing number of minor castles.

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