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The city of Bregenz is located at the Bodensee close to the four-border corner of Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The roots of this capital of Vorarlberg can be found in Roman times. Bregenz was then the military and trade base Brigantinum. Around 610 AD it was conquered and destroyed by the Allmanni. Up from 10th century Bregenz became the seat of the Uldarichinger count and started flourishing and extending in the 13th and 14th century. Bregenz was bought in two halves by the Habsburgs in 1451 and in 1523. From 18th to the 19th the traffic network was expanded enormously through railroad and steamship connections. In 1923 Bregenz became the capital of Vorarlberg and in 1945 it suffered severe damage by the French troops, when around 72 houses were destroyed.

Today Bregenz is home to around 27.097 people. With its location at the Bodensee and the Alps it has a bi-seasonal tourism with around 234.000 people from all around the world staying overnight. The economy is dominated by small businesses, especially textile industry.

The Upper town district is the oldest, with buildings form the 13th to 16th century. In this part of town you can still find parts of the original fortifying town walls. The Martin’s Tower is the landmark of Bregenz, a building with a late Roman core and mainly baroque style architecture. The fresco in the chapel dates back to 1362. A further very impressive building is the gothic parish church of St. Gall, with a Roman-Romanesque foundation from before 1380 and a Baroque altar.
The cultural biggest event is the Bregenz Festival in the summer, with operas and plays, held on a stage build into the Bodensee.

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