About Vienna

Travel Tips

Travelling to a foreign country is always an experience.
To avoid any difficulties, always check the following in advance:
  • if you need a visa to go to Vienna (Austria)
  • if your passport is valid
  • health: generally, no particular vaccinations are needed for visiting Austria but do bring a first-aid kit
  • health insurance: medical care is expensive, get health insurance esp. if you plan to stay longer
  • find out about local etiquette, Austria’s dos and don’ts
  • if you need an adaptor (electricity: 220 V, 50 Hz)
  • pack carefully: Austrian weather is not the most reliable, be sure to bring clothing for all types of weather.
  • Austria follows the metric system, online metric converter
  • currency: Euro!!
  • time zone: 1 hour ahead of Greenwich Medium Time (+1 GMT)
    Don’t forget!: Austria observes Daylight Saving Time from March to October

Getting There

Vienna Schwechat is Austria’s main airport, but you can also fly to Linz, Salzburg, Klagenfurt or Graz. Austrian Airlines (AUA), is a holding company that includes Lauda Air and Tyrolean Airlines as well, flies to numerous international destinations.

The Austrian rail network is comfortable, modern and reliable. International bus connections are cheaper but also slower and less comfortable.

The network of streets and highways is excellent and well maintained. You can cross the border 24 hours a day at major crossing points.


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