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Health insurance

The Austrian health system is excellent, However it is also expensive. Therefore if you plan to stay for any length of time, health insurance is an absolute must.

Study abroad in Vienna
If you take part in a course at a local language school, health insurance is generally optional. Many schools offer an additional insurance package which is moderately priced. Alternatively, you can take out private travel and health insurance.

Attending university in Vienna
Public health insurance is mandatory for university attendence in Vienna or any other Austrian cities.
Please contact the students’ Foreign Office of your university for more detailed information.

Working in Vienna
If you are working in Austria, mandatory public health insurance is automatically deducted from your salary. It is also possible to purchase top-up insurance in order to improve the level of cover you receive, choice of doctor, etc.For Expatriates working in Austria it may be wise to consider additional health insurance that covers repatriation, etc.
However, you should always check the exact details with your employer!

Medical Emergency

Visiting a doctor in Vienna
Generally, you do not have to pay in advance. If you are a student or in fulltime employment in Austria, you will need to bring an insurance certificate. It is generally possible to leave a deposit if you need urgent medical help.
If you are covered by private travel or health insurance, you will pay via bank transfer. Afterwards, you will hopefully be reimbursed by your insurance company (keep the receipt!).
Not all treatments are covered by public or private insurance. Check with the doctor and/or the insurance company.

In cases of medical emergency dial 144 for help.

Hospitals in Vienna, Austria
If you are studying or working in Austria, treatment in hospitals is free except for a small contribution called a co-payment which is dependent on your insurance provider. When travelling in Austria always check with your insurance company prior to departure which treatments and emergencies are covered.
Hospitals and physicians do not generally accept credit cards.

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