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Festivals & Balls

  Vienna’s cultural calendar is brimming… Find out about ball season, Christkindl markets, Vienna Marathon, Vienna’s film festivals, open air concerts and many more.  

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Music in Vienna: Famous Composers

  For centuries, Vienna has been synonymous with music and was home to Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and Johann Strauss. This outstanding musical heritage has been preserved right to the present day.  

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Music in Vienna: Concert Halls & Orchestras

  Konzerthaus, Musikverein or Viennese Boys’ Choir are institutions and famous all over the world. Find out more about famous concert halls and orchestras in Vienna.  

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Literature in Vienna: Famous Austrian Writers

  Austria is proud of an outstanding literary tradition with a special focus on theatre and dramatic literature. Many of its most famous writers having lived in Vienna, Austria’s cultural capital at one time or other…  

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Art in Vienna: Famous Austrian Painters

  Apart from a number of world class museums with breathtaking national and international art collections, Vienna has always been home to excellent artists. Find out more about famous Austrian painters.  

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Austrian Fashion

  In Austria, people still enjoy wearing ‘tracht’ on official occasions like weddings, festivals, etc. Contemporary fashion sometimes adapts traditional elements. But many modern designers prefer colourful prints or elegant designs.  

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Viennese Architecture

  Vienna is a breathtaking city, not least because of its marvellous architecture. From Palaces to Apartment buildings to hotels – Vienna is dazzling! A short guide to architecture in Vienna.  

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Austrian Customs and Traditions

  Advent and Christmas celebrations in Vienna. Christkindl markets, mulled wine, advent calendar and other fascinating facts on how to celebrate Christmas in Vienna.  

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History of Vienna

  Find out about the history of Imperial Vienna and of the Habsburg empire.  

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Austrian Film

  Have you ever heard of the saying ‘Totgesagte leben länger’ (Those declared dead live longer)? It is true, too: Austrian film is alive and kicking.  


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