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Daytrips from Vienna: Wachau and Danube Valley


The Wachau's scenic beauty lies North of Vienna on the banks of the Danube and stretches a comfortable 36 km: just enough space to fill in impressive vineyards, romantic small towns and some of the most spectacular monasteries, castles and medieval ruins.

A 26.000 years old depiction of the earth mother 'Venus von Willensdorf' is proof of early settlers. The statuette is on display on Vienna's Museum of Natural History, just opposite the legendary Museum of Fine Arts.

Dürnstein monastery is a Baroque jewel. Due to its marvellous granite cliffs in the shadows of decidous forests, the area around Dürnstein is a frequented by hikers and climbers. Dürnstein is the perfect spot for a romantic afternoon with several 'Heurigen' wine taverns offering local wine.

The splendid Benedictine abbey in Melk attracts scores of visitors with its pompous halls and singular library with medieval manuscripts, a sure sign of the earlier intellectual and political importance of the monastery. Even though the abbey belongs to the most popular Austrian tourist attractions, the sheer size of it allows for a solitary ramble.

Krems is a lively small town, typical of Lower Austria. Its ancient city center is very romantic and a good number of shops, bars and restaurants will keep you busy.
Krems is very much a hot spot for the wine tourist. 'Winzer Krems' are also host of a remarkable festival: 'Glatt und verkehrt' presents live music ranging from Austrian folk song, world music to contemporary jazz. Check out the unique and amusing Karikaturmuseum (museum of caricature).

You can reach Krems in an 1 hour by train, Melk and Dürnstein in 1 1/2 hours.

Daytrips from Vienna

  • Salzburg
  • Wachau region and Danube valley

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