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Viennese Culture: Strauss Senior
loudspeaker symbol Radetzky March

Johann Strauss Sr. (1804-1849)

Johann Strauss Sr. was born on the 14th of March 1804, as the son of an innkeeper. The location of his father's inn at the Danube Channel and the neighboring harbor with it's rafts and boats from different countries and the music played by the sailors, influenced Johann Sr. enthusiasm for popular dance music.

After the death of both parents he began working as an apprentice for bookbinding in 1816 and started studying the violin. He got hired for the chapel of Michael Pamer as violin player but soon Strauss decided to become independent with his own orchestra. After a longer period of existential and financial problems he managed his breakthrough. He started to tour through Europe where he celebrated his popularity and he even played at the crowning of Queen Victoria in London.
His success was enormous and he became conductor of the first civil regiment, where he composed the "Radetzky Marsch".